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2012-02-14 23:51:11 by TheRedRocks

I come back to Newgrounds; Cant figure out where the fuck everything is!


2011-07-23 19:48:00 by TheRedRocks

Been playing my bass alot.

I Made It!

2011-06-03 14:31:51 by TheRedRocks

Summers here!


2011-05-30 01:35:04 by TheRedRocks

The summer just around the corner.

Banner and User pic.

2011-03-20 03:38:24 by TheRedRocks

They were made by Tri-Circle, He is currently making user pics, banners, and forum sigs, for any user, just tell him what you need!


2011-03-19 14:38:07 by TheRedRocks

Ahhh, Saturday, I can sit back and relax, and argue with people on the forum.

A Story.

2011-03-13 15:47:01 by TheRedRocks

Another user and I are writing a collab story about werewolves. It pretty good. Check it out. 35119

Happy Monday Everyone!

2010-12-27 13:08:50 by TheRedRocks

Nothing too new or interesting here!

Happy Christams Eve!

2010-12-24 14:41:06 by TheRedRocks

Ham dinner tomorrow! MMMMMMM!


2010-12-06 20:00:20 by TheRedRocks

Today is a brand new day!